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"A female rapper bringing wreck with her freestyle flow off Pound Cake instrumental".




"The booth is my sanctuary, if I could I would live in it, just make sure I have comida".



Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Born & raised in Flatbush

How long have you been doing music: Since 2002

Took a break and started back in 08

What inspired to start writing? Life

I got played by this guy I was dating and took it to pen & paper.

Thanks "Shawn", iMean Tony!

Favorite Foods: West Indian, Italian & Southern

Oxtail is one of my favorite dishes

"Extra gravy on the rice please"

Favorite type of music: I'm pretty eclectic

If it sounds good iLike it!

Interest: Music, movies & life...

Music is my outlet, horror films are fun, iLove life!

Who are your musical influences? Missy Elliot

Missy is dope, period!

Believe it or not 50 Cent was one of my originals.  Around the time I got played I was listening to G-Unit super heavy before they because mainstream and that's what gave me the influence to start writing.  I wanted to be the first lady of G-Unit.

What would you take with you if you were stranded on a remote Island? Easy!

An unlimited supply of food, yea... iLove comida!

Where did you get your inspiration for your latest single? The track & my goals

Millions 2 The Ceiling, the title of the song was actually the title of the beat which was produced by 20Koncept.  Sometimes I will go off the name the instrumental was given and write a song off of that concept, (no pun intended, lol) keeping it titled as such. 

The song is about trying to attain monetary success and what I am doing & will do to make that a reality. 

What do you take pride in most about your demeanor? My character

I'm not perfect but I try to best to live by the cardinal rule, "Do unto those as you would have them do unto you".  I try my best to be mindful of others whether they are a significant or insignificant staple in my life in which I think before I speak and act contemplating "Would I want them to move with me like that?"  If the answer is no, then I revamp my approach.

Are you working on any new projects? Always!

Right now I am focused on releasing official & unofficial singles, an EP can wait - I need to keep hitting the scene with bangers, and once I've increased my fan base then I will give them a nice project.  I also do a lot of synchronization work for film & television with @Xondatrack & @7themp

Outside of music, what's important to you? Family, friends, & my health 

If you come for someone I care about, we're going to have a problem and I can guarantee you that you don't want these problems.

 When you're healthy you're happy - My health is my livelihood, and I try my best to take care of myself. 

How do you feel about the state of Hip Hop? I have my opinion...

Does my opinion really matter, no, but I'll give it anyway... Hip Hop is changing, it's evolving as it always has and always will.  Am I keen on what's in rotation, hell no!  What can I do about it? Stay true to myself and continue to produce quality Hip Hop Music for those who appreciate the true craft & culture.  History repeats itself, so no matter what we will always have a taste of the realness come back!

Favorite saying? "Everything happens for a reason"

It may not seem like it because what's happening may be unfavorable, but everything truly happens for a reason.  That reason may take days or years to show itself but trust, you will realize that reason when it happens.  Stay positive, productive and true and the universe will unfold for you.  Don't rush anything, as long as you stay productive you will receive what you work for.

What challenges are you faced with as a female rapper? What do I not face?

I could write a book on the struggles of a female Hip Hop artist.  The one that hits me most is always being compared to "who's hot" or "who's out."  I try not to let it get to me because it's automatic for people to say I sound like her.  I think people confuse my energy for sounding like someone else because I sound like me!


"Expressing myself through music is one of the best feelings for me - I like to have fun with it and play around with different delivery, flows and melodies to convey what I know."


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